Alex was born on the 2nd of may 1979, in Turin, addicted to the electronic music. He started working on the public relation for the best clubs between Piemonte and Liguria. Due to this great experiences, he knew several djs who gave him an important ispiration. Really, in 1998 he started playing alternative-techno music in parties and clubs closer to his area. Since 2000, Alex had a musical switch coming closer to the deep-house and tribal genre and he had the greatest opportunity by playing in several parties in the Piemonte area.

In 2001/2002, he gave his collaboration with an fm-radio called "Radioerre" and located in the south of Italy (Puglia) and he became a resident dj for the show "mastermind" really soon. Thanks to this show, he let people know his music also far from his region and he took a part in the parties organized by radioerre.

In 2005, he enjoyed "DMW MUSIC" label, starting his first project called "Alex Costa pres. Deeptronikz - Showe me the Wave". After this first release Alex rmx some other release from 4th Room Rec. (C-Jay & City Zen) and from Discolala Rec. (Pierre Pascual).

In 2006 he make a new release on 4Th Room Rec. with name " Electro Therapy - The First Therapy " who have big support from more Dj in the world,after this Alex sign contract with the label Pacha Rec. and on the summer the track "Alex Costa - My Processor Cry" appear on the compilations "The Pacha Experience 2006" (official Pacha Ibiza) & "Loft" (mixed by Funky Junction & SplashFunk). On late 2006 Alex rmx Future Force from USA (Beat Freeze Rec.) & Relative Depth ITA (Emotiva Rec.) and sign other contract with digital label Second Coming UK & 32Bit UK for future release on 2007. Also on the late 2006 Alex music have been received a lot of interest by other label like 852, Elektrofone, Presslab, Kubism, Red Ant and he has upcoming releases on this label on 2007.

For start the 2008 Alex sign more releases on Minimo, Meridional, Sirion, Dropit and BlauBeat (Baroque) but make also new releases on Presslab (Pull & Bear appears on S. Lawler "Viva Toronto" Compilation). Also in this year Alex start its work by A&R of Carica Limited Rec. sub label of Carica Rec. Now Alex continues his works by playing his music with a great electro-house style and indeed he continues his productions with Deep Tronikz, Electro Therapy, Alex Costa and also the new Costantino project.