„In my sets I combine Deep-Tech-House-Minimal with sexyness and give so a creative playground for a corybantic act of dancing energy,” Andri sais. “The people on the dance floor should experience the history of my sets and should have the chance to forget themselves completely.” The groove is deep, because for the seven-year- old Andri there was no better teacher than his own battery. Accompanied by the metronome and armed with sticks he mauled his drum kit with passionate dynamic. “The fascinating effect of beats and rhythm began to hypnotise me increasingly.” With an increasing control of his movements he internalised the soaring tension via the groove. Today it is the carrying element in all his live sets.

With the album “Space Plane” from third space, he experienced for the first time technoid mental cinema. With the acquired fascination for vinyl and underground techno acts the Logical conclusion was to buy his first mixing desk. Even before he was sweating in the clubs with the record case, he experimented with the program “Music 2000” on the Playstation. Such a studio dinosaur was still running about the television. First “Reason” and after that he decided to produce with „Ableton LIVE” any further with which he has been working in the studio since the first version.

With an education in audio engineering he generated samples of everything: Soundtracks, CDs, Accapallas towards to ambient noises using Field Recorders. He started to spin in clubs such as the “Dachkantine” still under the pseudonym “Knallkids”. Now he fully focuses on his live sets. With his first release on the label “Slutfunk” he is becoming a solid party anchor in the Zurich club scene. Quickly, Andri was famous for his energetic performances throughout Switzerland. He totally enthusiasted the dancing crowd abroad and he thrilled the people as well at the “BAR25” closing party: “Feeling, spirit, people – pure magic! I make music exactly for this kind of atmosphere.” He carried his audience onto a multi-sensory trip on the cultural universe of the “Fusion Areals” – the dream palace for each rising artist. Thanks to his EP “The Change” he finally landed on the international dancing floor. DJs and music experts evaluate this as brilliant sound work and attribute him a lot of talent. Musical thinkers such as Ricardo Villalobos and Richie Hawtin are aware of the enormous energy, which the disc record unfolds on the dance floor. In the near future Andri will sprinkle some more musical pearls with releases on “Cityfox” and “Highgrade”. His sets are distinct arrangements and they are con- stantly pointed with freaky samples and varying rhythm. Deep but always funky bass lines cause constant thrust and driving beats are accompanied by. Andri uses continuously vocals and hall-effects. He varies them sometimes short to long and flavours it with dirty and sometimes clean beats. The contrast makes up the unique soaring tension of his productions and live sets. “Groove is the lubricant between my musical imaginations and the musical reality on the dance floor. This energy exchange is the fuel cell, which the story about my music can be told again and again with.” Those who book Andri get not only rocking live sets from a convinced party freak but a compact dance floor story with sexy deepness factor.