Balance aka Benjamin Dossenbach was born 1980 in Zurich. Throughout his youth Ben became acquainted and learned to love the black music of the 70ies, 80ies and 90ies.
Thanks to the trance/techno movement of the early 90ies Balance soon found an affinity to electronic music and simultaneously kept an open ear to the rock music of the late 90ies.
After a few band projects Benjamin dedicated himself to jungle/drum and bass music through collecting vinyl and DJing. And throughout 1999 – 2007 he had the opportunity to DJ in all major drum and bass locations of Switzerland under his alias Primo with

Balance started his first studio project with DJ/producers Led Tampi, Feodor and Mo-tek and here is where all three profited from Alain’s vast technical knowledge and learned a lot about digital and analog ways of making music.
At first his productions were mainly D’n’B genre but Balance soon found his way to a profound fondness of deep house. Resulting from further involvement in projects and productions with Vol-tek, Balance et al. Ben will be releasing not only on his label Sirion Records but also on other labels with co-productions.