Marcel Schneider aka Beats On Demand is a child of the 80's. He grew up in the suburb of Switzerland's capital Bern, where he got in touch with electronic music when he was about 12 years old.It was that 90's Techno that the kids used to listen at the local youth center. But Marcel didn't want to go with the mass, so he looked out for a different kind of electronic music. He began to buy records in Bern's vinyl stores, found Uk Garage records he loved and started playing them at parties very soon. As the technology stepped further and vinyl stores became rare, he used the internet to find new music and discovered a genre called NuBreaks. He improved his dj skills quickly and what followed were gigs in Bern, Zürich, Fribourg, Neuchâtel and even outside of Switzerland at a festival in Montenegro.Influenced by the spirit of these club nights, Beats On Demand developed his dj sets further to a mixture of House and Techno, deep and soulful. As a natural progression, Marcel started producing his own music and released two remixes on Canadian based label Intellegenix in 2010. Several remixes for local artists followed in 2011, a year in which he tried out many different aspects in producing music. He also started working as a mix and mastering engineer for several local acts such as Trinidad (Dubnoir, UK) and Fingainthanoze (Flashcut, CH) in 2012 - a year in which Beats On Demand is focussing and working on his debut EP.