Born in 1978, Bjoern Stolpmann, who moved from Hamburg to the south German city Stuttgart during his childhood, mingles early with the electronic music scene.
In the very early 1990s he discovers his admiration towards machine music and the universe of synthetic sounds - the early tracks of Future Sounds of London or KLF are only two of many examples as he is deeply interested into all the different new and fast growing branches of the tree of this very young music at that time.

When the time came and Germany was hit by the wave of raves, Bjoern was gripped and started to absorb everything he could get. Bands like Euromasters or Neophyte make him want to hear rather solid electronic beats, but he nevertheless never denied his love to melodic sounds and tunes. In 1994 his spectrum widens, Bjoern starts listening a lot to Trip Hop and bands such as Massive Attack or Portishead, but on the other side the powerful and dynamic techno tracks of Swedish Producers/ labels hit on him hard.

Of course Bjoern attends all the big events like Rave City, Time Warp, or the Masters Tribe in Stuttgart, on the one hand to simply have fun, on the other hand to get inspiration to satisfy his bigger and bigger getting wish to become a DJ. Being 18 he invests the money planned to be for his driver’s license into two Technics and a mixer – priorities are priorities.

Bjoern practices and plays wherever he cans, every party is welcome. At the same time he does his first steps in producing own tracks. Using diverse tracker programs or later propellerheads’ groundbreaking music software “ReBirth” he attempts to develop his first own creations

His change of direction sound wise comes after the purchase of his first minimal techno and dubhouse records, which end his “first stagnation phase in producing” as he calls it himself. The records have a lasting effect on him and he shifts from technoid power loops to rather sophisticated compositions.

Being pushed by the never ending fascination of his own productions, he laid the foundation for his own studio by buying a couple of synthies and other equipment. Then he starts looking more and more profound into the subject. The results of his work attract interest by the label Onitor based in Stuttgart and Cologne, and after several meetings with Joerg Koch, the label director in Stuttgart, the mini-LP “Feels like you are passing me by” (2001) was released and very much praised by the music press.

The singles “Draw away from the attempt” and “Aberration of Intention” are following in 2002 and 2003. They are still dominated by dubhouse styles, but already with much more punch and power.

After this years a lot of releases came out on different Label like Tongut (“Blood Embrace”, “Say Hello To Delusion”), Kailash (“242 EP”), Tropic (“Bowery Electric EP”, “Falling Awake EP”) and of course onitor (“Disappointments Require Expectations”, “Calling Hamburg”) as well as several remixes.

Bjoern is working constantly on new material which surely will find his way to the dance floors. Currently releases on Harthouse Digital, Stainless Audio Works and Affin are still in the pipeline.