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Having grown up with a strong musical influence from his dad, wich included Jazz, Classical and Funk to psychedelic Rock, Daniel Imhof discovered in 1992 the fascination of electronically generated sounds. Some years and some good parties later, he started out with djing, never limiting himself to just one style of music, but to include a wide selection of sexy tunes and funky sounds in his sets; never the same, always a surprise.

In 2004, Daniel started hosting his own radioshow called “Supernova” together with a friend in Bern’s local independent radio station Radio RaBe, going on air every Saturday afternoon. Also there, no limits to certain styles, but presenting a wide range of warm, deep and groovy music, from chilled downbeat to dancefloor bombs. With the years, the show has become a “must hear” throughout local music lovers and is known for its diversity.

As a logical conclusion, he started producing his own music in 2009.

Music is passion, passion is life.