Usually I am a grounded person. I am able to adapt into many situations and it need a lot to take me up from the earth. I am also a family father in the age of 40 with turkish roots. First contact with doing the own music was in my teen times with kitchen utilities. Some years later I became the drummer of an rock and reggae band. We did some gigs and signed an contact with ZYX records. Through some wrong decision the contract run out  because there was no countable result. These music sessions were ending.

The first contact with electric music was on the first love parade. I was one of a few friends visiting Berlin and the parade was crossing our bored way. Immediatly I was in the party mode dancing through the city. From this moment on my heart was beating around 130 bpm. Through getting the first computer in 1999 and the working with different programms I was able to create own sounds wich became one of my main goals in life. The the following time I produced different songs and was booked for rocking the turntables in a few clubs, on partys and festivals like also the boom. Since the last year I released four records on the label Pearldiver Records and a Remix for the label Paria Records. There will be some releases on the label Substream soon like maybe some requested projects.