Garibovic was born in Summer 1990. He is a DJ and producer from Berne in Switzerland.
His love for music began in his early childhood, where he learned to play the drums at the age of 12. The love for electronic music started at the age of 16. No long after coming in contact with electronic music he started djing in 2006. It wasn't long after he started djing that he began to play at his own parties with his friends. The parties were very successful and he got more bookings in bigger cities like Zurich.

After a couple of years being a Dj in different clubs, he wanted to be more than just a Dj, he wanted to produce his own music. So he started to produce his own tracks and he released his first single in 2010 as Solidsoul.
In 2011 he changed his artist name to Garibovic and released his first Longvalley EP on the mexican label Draft.
His new single and his new name got him some more bookings along some famous Djs such as Tolga Fidan, Chris Tietjen, Marco Plex and Russ Yallop.
In Summer 2012 his dream got a bit closer when he released his first vinyl with remixes of Sergio, Washerman and Definition with the Label Definition:Music.
The EP made it to number 1 on the charts. His sudden success motivated Garibovic and he is working on new EPs all the time.