The name's Tobi Wirz, and I'm the one behind the Greed moniker. Greed it's a name I've been calling myself for the best part of the last ten years: an alter-ego that started in the final year of Jazz school when I presented my electronic-jazz, Underworld-inspired fusion to the utter dismay of the Jazz Police. For those of you who don't know what the Jazz Scene is like, there's this element of stuck-up, pretentiousness elitism that puts a lot of us off. Perhaps it was this disillusionment and the general ruthlessness of the musical landscape that brought me to use a name like Greed.
Greed kind of sums it all up, doesn't it?

Back then, it was a band: vocals, keyboard, sampling, guitar, drummer and bass, but depending on the time and year, it sort of moved between my solo project and this full on band. Today, in 2007 after some 25 original releases and around 40 remixes on labels like Ministry Of Sound, Vapour, Tribal Vision, Sprout and the album „Greed’s Temptation“ on ACDC, it's me. Just me. And the Greed feat. Lesley moniker has turned into Kcurl, the live band with my oldest friends, the sexy Lesley Meguid on vocals and Lukas Landis on drums.
Incidentally, Kcurl is some 9 songs into its album but it’s quite a departure from the old stuff. Sure, dance remixes will be made but it's more a fusion of rock and trip-hop; a mixture of Kosheen, Lamb and a drop of Olive.

I work out of SOGrecords where I have a studio with all my bits: a twin processor Mac G5 running Logic 7, running thru a 72 channel digital Mackie mixer. There’s a Nordlead, a Microwave XT, 3 guitars, a bass and a tube mic, but to be honest, there's very little I do outside Logic with all it's plugins. With computing power where it is today, and with the quality of plugins, there's just little else I need. The G5 does still hang up on me regularly but that's only to remind me that the track I’m working on is a bomb.

So that's it. That's me. This is my passion ad and I for one couldn't imagine doing anything else. My idea of success isn't to be rich, nor famous. My idea of success is to be able to make music as long as I am inspired. And if I can do that, I'm happy. I teach bass and guitar parttime and I'm qualified as a school teacher. At times, I work at a school stuffing envelopes and licking stamps, but I don't give two fucks. It let's me do what I like best, and that's all that matters.
Take it easy. Lips to you all.