Jan Penarrubias passion for electronic music began in 2008 when he attended a party of the renouned Festmacher by chance! Immediately infected by the techno virus he began to build his music collecti-on. After using up his small apprentice income and with some help from a friend Jan acquired some equipment and tried his luck as a DJ. 2009 after many hours of practicing mixing he had his first gig at a local afterhour at „Plan B“ in Berne. That same year Jan met Mike Teixeira. They clicked instantly and set up a party series at the „Downtown Lounge“ in Berne which they named „Flugstunden“ (flight lessons). Additionally Jan got booked at various other venues such as Via Felsenau Berne, Sedel Lu-cerne, Supermarket Zurich. 2011 Jan with Mike Teixeira and Rico Rausch started the label „OFFMIND“ and have been hosting events around Berne since then. That same year was also the beginning of mu-sic production for Jan. His first EP on Housecast Records which Jan produced with Yves Cavalié was released in 2012. 

Further releases and DJ mixes from Jan Penarrubia as well as events by OFFMIND are to be expected in the near future.