Jeff Belfi is a New York based producer and dj. He crosses the boundaries placed on today's music industry with ease, drawing on influences from progressive, tech house, breaks and everything in between, with an emphasis on warm, organic spacial sounds. It was in 94' when he picked up a pair of decks that he soon became fascinated by the music. From that very moment music would stick in the forefront of his mind forever, and a thirst to explore and develop his musical skills further turned him to producing. With his own unique style within his DJ sets, Jeff was able to mesmerize and uplift clubs in New York, Miami, Canada, Israel, Detroit and all around South America.

His sets would build a smooth but powerful stream of music. You can sense the constant flow of communication between him and the crowd as each piece of music was seamlessly mixed. In early 2002 Jeff joined with Shane Ehlers and formed Blue Room Project. They moved from Long Island to Manhattan, and focused primarily on production. The duo experimented with various sound setups in which they could develop in their own productions. This not only would help add a unique twist to their DJ sets, but also take their music to the world stage.

Since then, Jeff Belfi has started his own label, Ascension Records. Building off the standards he set for himself, the label has been highly regarded as one of the top new labels to emerge. The unique sounds the artists provide and the ever changing styles stay true in each release.  With over 20 new releases is 2007 from himself and leading into the 20th official release of Ascension Records, Jeff is going to be around for quite a while and thus far the future just ascends.