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Sascha Hodler aka “Jon Donson” discovered his faible for music a long time ago before he even knew techno. He has always been a big music fanatic. Since he was fifteen years old he has been playing bass guitar as well as acoustic guitar with grand enthusiasm. He wanted to immerse himself in music, so five years later at the age of 20, he started his studies in music in the Jazz School of Lucerne. At that time he had developed a big interest in techno. He then decided to try himself as a DJ. After a while he became successful and in 2006 he hooked up with friends such as “Nachtaktiv” and “DJ Baroz”. Together they founded the party label “Elektrostubete”.

Through the self-organized “Elektrostubete”-parties, “Jon Donson” had the chance to make himself well-known throughout (the region) Berne. Already in the year 2007 “Jon Donson” was booked in several clubs in Switzerland, where he had and still has various chances to play with acts such as: Funk D' Void, Format B, Pascal Feos, Matthias Tanzmann, Boris Brejcha, Jens Bond, Sweet 'n' Candy, Marco Zenker, Gurtz, Pepperpot, Don Ramon and many more...

In 2008 “Jon Donson” started to produce his own groovy and sexy club music. In October 2008 he released his first track “Wrong Elevator” on “Empedo Records”. 2009 he launched “Calypso” and remixed “Plasm” for “Robin Hirte” on “Gastspiel Records”.

After a successful release on Sirion Records in 2010 with a Niko Schwind remix, Jon Donson released another track "Electric Banjo" on Tip Tap Records and did a remix for Midnight Pulse" on V.I.M Records. Watch out for his next release in 2011 on Sirion Records with Kellerind and Mastra...