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Mike Machine, living currently in Zurich, Switzerland, started his musical journey playing guitar in punk rock bands. His curiousity for discovering new musical terrain led him to studies in jazz guitar and then experimentation in synthetically processed sounds to generate soundscapes for animated videos as well as documentary films.

Influenced by underground techno raves, Mike soon started to explore the depths of dance music. Interested in how these musical structures worked, Mike dove deeper into the style by buying records and teaching himself how to mix. Over the past eight years, Mike's carefully chosen DJ sets gained him a solid reputation among clubbers from all over Switzerland right up to the legendary Bar25 in Berlin.

A natural progression led Mike to start producing his own tracks and include them into his sets. With each track, Mike took his time to carefully refine his style and shape the sounds until they corresponded with his imagination. Now he is ready to present his first EP "Joker" on Sirion Records.