Massimo Benucci started playing house music at the age of 13 in Winterthur. Since then, he reached several milestones in his DJ career and got some important bookings in the finest Swiss clubs such as Club Q, OXA or Supermarket. But that’s not enough, he also played his blood pumping and wicked beats in Italy, at the famous club Altromondo in Rimini. Music is his passion. And that’s why he does not just play records in clubs, he also loves to be creative and produce his own tracks in the studio. Sirion Records spotted his talent as a producer, so he joined them. With the professional support he now gets, he can more likely fulfill his potential and release his own tracks.

Another milestone has been his own radio show on Every friday night, he presents the latest house tracks in a 90 minute live show. His show is also aired world wide on, a well known radio station for electronic music.