Niki was born in 1975 and Christian in 1977. They live in Genoa (Italy), a beautiful touristic place on the sea. Their career as DJs started in 1993. Because of their great musical empathy the two wanted to create something new, special, something that would come just from their minds. In 1999 Essence Studio was born. A place where Niki and Christian met every single night. In front of PCs and a keyboard, they tried to create their own sound, not leaving out the musical tendencies.

In the year 2000, they presented the Afrìk project to DJ Miki who was giving life to a pretty much underground label called Sun Generation Rec. DJ Miki fell completely in love with Niki and Christian’s new project and took it for his label. Niki and Christian's music project was finally realized and they named it Sonar, an exclusive just for the Sun Generation Rec label. Thank to Afrìk Niki and Christian’s work reached very high levels such as the UK market and moreover, the project brought them to work with different labels in the whole world. They can still count on the collaboration with Saw Rec, Renaissance Rec, Stereo Rec, Mantra Rec, Star 69 Rec, Swift Rec, Distraekt Rec, Presslab Rec, Audiotherapy Rec, Primate Rec and many more. Furthermore, some of their productions are supported by great international DJ's who include them in their compilations and charts such as: Satoshi Tomiie, Carl Cox, John Digweed, Sasha, Gabriel & Dresden, M.A.S Collective, David Morales, Steve Lawler, Danny Howeels, Murk, Tom Stephan, Miki, Hector Romero, Denny Tenaglia, Deep Dish, G-Pal, Max Graham, Ralf, Randall Jones, Behrouz, Alex Neri and many more.

In the year 2003, two British magazines MixMag and IDJ wrote about Niki and Christian as the new Italian revelation in DJing and productions. Moreover, they gained appreciation from two very famous DJs, Satoshi Tomiie and Francesco Farfa who have said about them: “Niki B & Christian E.F.F.E. (aka Sonar) are two italian DJs/producers with one goal in their minds - to create underground music that leaves punters on the dance floor screaming for more when the smoke clears. The duo has steadily built a career with their records filling the boxes of top dance luminaries such as John digweed, Steve Lawler, Deep Dish and Murk.” (Satoshi Tomiie, 2005) “Niki B & Christian E.F.F.E., are two essential witnesses of the dance underground scene of the first 90's. Through devotion and persistence today they achieve a spot on the first row of producers in our country. With many productions spinned by the best DJs in the world they keep to seed beautiful sound sensations. Enjoy their energy." (Francesco Farfa, 2005) As you know Niki and Christian are now working with Mantra Family label. Their debut with the label was with the track It's Too Late To Turn Back (2005) out with Mantra Smiles which scored several international playlists creating a real buzz on their name.

They are currently out on the music market with the Alex Dolby’s remix Obsessive Sound and with their single Move Ur Body running on Kiss FM radio by Tom Stephan better known as Superchumbo. Then they came out with the Caustic e.p., run on Italian radios and supported by DJs as Benny Benassi and John Digweed. For that same release gave fans the chance to buy Niki and Christian’s first mix, Caustic Mix, totally edited by them. The following single, Pimp Your Mind, was a minimal masterpiece which has already made DJs as Digweed, Chus & Cheballos, Satoshi Tomiee, Wally Lopez, Peter Rauhofer and Hector Romero fall in love with it. They have recently released and remixed for Renaissance Rec and Stereo Productions rec. They’ve also remixed the last DJ Chus’s single. Furthermore, they realized the track Twin out with Audiotherapy rec. and The Question and Fatman out with the German label, Hell Yeah Recordings. During the last two years they realized the track Tonight with Audiotherapy label, the tracks Der and Air with Sutil Records label and the track Hossa with Stereo Records label.