31-year old Niko Schwind is born in Trier – birthplace of Karl Marx – and he very quickly discovers his own personal "capital": his love for music and his passion to sound. It was in 2001 when he first became the chance to express these true feelings in public for what should be the red line holding his biography together: to invite the people on the dancefloor on a journey, to tell them a story with his music. Now, in Spring 2011, Niko has just released his second album on Stil vor Talent that is destined to catapult him into the ranks of the top DJs and producers.

The young and passionate DJ quickly makes a name for himself in and around his hometown. People spread the word of his enthusiastic DJ sets, of his charismatic appearance, of his skill to transfer the energy of his mixture of house and techno onto the dancefloor, to create a connection between the DJ and the crowd. Niko Schwind starts to play in clubs outside of Trier, in Hannover, Leipzig und Cologne as well as Catania and Belgrade. Also he gets booked to big events such as the Alive-Festival, Nature One or Ruhr in Love. In 2007 Niko moves to Berlin and quickly plays in prestigious clubs such as Bar 25, Club der Visionäre and Watergate. In February 2009 Niko is first booked to South America, a place that he already went back to in October 2010. The call of his name gets him to play at the famous Vegas club and D-Edge in Sao Paolo in Brasil. If DJing was his first love, producing music is his hot love affair.

In 2004 Niko Schwind starts to produce, intensely working on sounds and patterns that will make his productions stand out among the vastness of electronic music that is out there today. Everything that he experiences out on the dancefloors he transfers into his productions. His first releases on Autist Record make it into the playlists of many top DJs, such as Jeremy P. Caulfield, among others and in May 2009 Niko releases his debut album on Autist Records. It is only a matter of time until Oliver Koletzki takes notice of Niko’s productions and DJ sets. In the past two years he has released two singles on Stil vor Talent that showcased his transition from a minimal techy sound to a more soulful melodic house sound.

In spring 2011 Niko is about to release his second album “Good Morning Midnight” on Stil vor Talent. The album features collaborations with vocalists such as Fran, but also with other producers such as Channel X, Patrick Blasa or Oliver Koletzki. Overall, Niko Schwind is one of the most prolific producers of house music these days, with a range going from gentle vocal house to techy peak time anthems. It seems like he is thinking as a DJ when he is producing and the other way round, something that makes his style unique in both areas.