It was the year 2003 when the 3 friends Daniel Mueller (Daniel Dust / Sonnenvakuum), Ueli Schill (Synsoniq / Sonnenvakuum) and Tobi Wirz (SOG / Greed) came together to form the act SONIC CUBE and realize their combined vision under this project name. Tobi left the project shortly after the release of the debut “Sonic Cube” on UK’s label Millennium Records in 2003 to finish the work on his Greed album and the upcoming releases for SOG records. Daniel and Ueli continued the project and released tracks on different labels worldwide, such as : Tribal Vision, Iboga, Y.S.E., Future Lovers, Loopfreaks, Spintwist, Echo, Bluetunes etc.

After the second Sonic Cube album “Filter” on Tribal Vision records, they teamed up with Tobi “Greed” for a few releases and played livesets in Japan, Brasil, Mexico, Australia and Europe.Having released all that material mainly focused to be “used” on the dancefloors, Daniel started to work on some commercial projects for various companies worldwide. Mainly soundtracks for brand and product presentations or scores for the swiss national tv. At around the same time they built their new Sonic Cube studios in Zürich where they now have two professional built and equipped studios for recording and mastering.

Touring was no longer an option because all of the work that had to be done and since they haven’t released any new material for almost two years under the name Sonic Cube. Currently Daniel is working on some projects for and Ueli works busy on his Synsoniq tracks. Tobi joined a Metal band and plays frequently in festivals. No matter what, there is again some time and motivation to work on new Sonic Cube pieces, so be prepared for the next releases coming your way soon.