Although the mountain peaks of Bern, Switzerland hold little resemblance to the industrial skylines of Midwestern America, it was among these surroundings that Sam Geiser became inspired to keep the legacy of Chicago house and Detroit techno alive. Operating under his moniker Deetron since the early nineties, he has dedicated most of his life to making and playing out dance music in its truest form. His unique production style - a melodic, housey take on Detroit techno - has captured the hearts of many around the globe. Furthermore, his immaculate mixing skills and superb choice of records have kept him internationally in demand as a respected dj for well over a decade.

Inspired by anything from seventies soul and New York disco to Chicago house and Detroit techno, Deetron started collecting music and dj-ing in the early nineties. He received his first residency at Zürich’s legendary Trax club in 1995. Here Deetron quickly learned the dj-trade and became known as one of the most gifted and beloved jocks of Switzerland. A few years later, he took his first steps into productions. Releasing on Phont Music made him known across the border, in places as far away as Japan. But it was ‘Dolls For A Diva’ (2001) – his first release on Music Man – and his widely acclaimed ‘Deetron In The Mix’ compilation (2002), that truly kick-started his international dj career.
Meanwhile, an impressive collection of releases and remixes has appeared on labels like Music Man, Circus Company, Strictly Rhythm, Cocoon, Green and Rejected – all of them
characterized by the same unique combination of club and listening elements. Walking the fine line between the soulful and the industrial, Deetron appeals to techno freaks as well as house lovers.
His productions carry a certain timeless quality that is rare in today’s volatile electronic music scene. Tracks like ‘Emphasis’ (2001) have stood the test of time, and his more recent hits like ‘I Cling’ (2007), ‘Let’s Get Over It’ (2008), ‘Zicron/Orange’ (2009), ‘Collide’ (2010), ‘Each Step’ (2010), ‘Threee’ (2010 as Roots Panorama (collaboration with Ripperton)), and ‘Starblazer’ (2011) will, too. Not only do his own productions stand out but as remixer on duty Deetron is highly respected. Some of his latest pearls included remixes for PBR Streetgang (on Hot Creations), Gerd (on Clone), Steve Bug (on Pokerflat), Simon Garcia (on Perspective), Danny Howells (on Dig Deeper), ...
The highlight of 2011 was without doubt ‘Balance 020’, Deetron’s second mix compilation to date. In this mix, the Swiss has chosen to embrace both the past and present of mixing disciplines, showing that digital and analogue can indeed live together in harmony – or even synergy – and underlining the qualities and nuances of each school of thought. This mix takes in seminal classics, exclusives, rare cuts, lesser-known gems, and a healthy blend of big names and underground heroes, with his blend of thoughtful techno and scintillating, moving melody stamped all over it. His multiple deck-wizardry is once again very clear on this mix and resulted Deetron entering the RA Top 100 DJ’s.