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If you will take the time and have a close look at the attributes of Vanesty you will surely find all the abilities of a great techno dj. Driven by his will to progress mentally and annoyed by video games the 11 years old Vanesty got hypnotised by the rhythm, the melodies, the beats and sounds of electronic music. He then invested hours of sitting in front of the laptop, two 10W speakers and his sampler. But the time has been a good investment.

At the tender age of 15 years he got in contact with the Berlin based label „Autist“, which is known for releases by Boris Brejcha. Autist decided to release an EP by the name of “First Step”. The EP contained four tracks programmed by Vanesty. Also the swiss based label Sirion Records found some stuff to be released on their label within his 200 + productions.
Ivan Kovac has had also the opportunity to sign two more EP’s in 2008. “Teaser” one of the Track that can be found on the “First Step-EP” made it’s way on the Autist Records Mix CD “Compilation Black”. As a result on the presence of this compilation you could find “Teaser” for several weeks in the top ten of the best selling tracks on Autist.
You can expect a lot more for the upcoming years! Stay tuned for Vanesty...