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Born as Patrick Stucki in the Swiss mountains during the early Seventies, Bird was strongly influenced through radio and his parents' collection from an early age and ultimately developed a strong fascination for music.
Just how much music means to him, what his influences are and his developments as a DJ have already been elaborately captured in various biographies in the past and would merely lead to yet another repetition of every other DJs life.
That Bird has spent numerous years as a DJ in clubs around Switzerlands capital, as well as a vinyl dealer and store owner of SchwarzMarktMusic and recently joined the Sirion Records Crew is nevertheless noteworthy but delivers no further insight to his person per se.  
If you want to experience Bird, then follow him to his gigs and be captured by his definition of House music, instead of reading yet another DJs bio...


Climax Institutes, Stuttgart (D)
Factory, Hanover (D)
Via Felsenau, Bern (CH)
Gurten Festival (CH)
Supermarket, Zürich (CH)
La Roca, Olten (CH)
Formbar Club, Bern (CH)
Dampfzentrale, Bern (CH)
Sous Soul, Bern (CH)
Liquid, Bern (CH)
Frieda's Büxe, Zurich (CH)
Attic, Zurich (CH)
Dachstock/Reitschule, Bern (CH)
Kornhausforum, Bern (CH)
Kapitel Bollwerk, Bern (CH)
World of life, Biel (CH)
Sphere 1 + 2, Biel (CH)
Ey5, Bern (CH)
Mokka, Thun (CH)
Citypop 1, Bern (CH)
Alte Markthalle, Bern (CH)
Lovezoo, Neuchâtel (CH)

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