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Fedja Haueter alias Feodor discovered music as a creative output at an early stage. From Hip Hop to Drum'n'Bass his path led him to the vast world of house music where he has found his calling.  Aside from the creative process of producing own music for DJing at parties and Mix CDs, Feodor has developed an affinity for new projects and realizing new ideas. Initiated by himself, in collaboration with his friends and fellow crew members, numerous productions have been released, countless parties have been realized and Sirion Records was founded; not only as a label for releases but also a party label and an FM and Online radio show. 

His primary conviction has always been to create tenors and content that resist the pressure of a materialistic society. Free from any obligations and motivated by self-expression, Fedja is aiming to convince with highest quality products and become a household name, as part of the Sirion collective.


Climax Institutes, Stuttgart (D)
Hive Club, Zürich (CH)
Dampfzentrale, Bern (CH)
Supermarket, Zürich (CH)
Frieda's Büxe, Zürich (CH)
Stairs Club, Zürich (CH)
Gurten Festival (CH)
Kapitel Bollwerk, Bern (CH)
Formbar, Bern (CH)
Dachstock/Reitschule, Bern (CH)
Gaskessel, Bern (CH)
Superzero, Zürich (CH)

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