The Trip 109

February 2014


Mixed by Mike Teixeira

Track List:

Smallpeople - And You And You (Original Mix) Salty Days Smallville05
Proudly People - Wind's Melody (Crocodile Soup Ode to Sirocco Remix) Wind's Melody
Herck - In Spatiu (Original Mix)
ReneMartens - Slamnom (Original Mix) Slamnom EP
Rainer, Patrice Meiner - Smokey Eyes (Original Mix)
Tommy Oddone - Face Off (Original Mix) 
Christopher Rau - The Cool World (Original Mix)
Pigon - Painting The Tape (Original Mix)
Jon Charnis - Prophecy (Original Mix)
ReneMartens - Slamnom (Maxim Sunbeat Remix)
Melle-J - L.A.X. (Original Mix)
VAM - 3 Months Time (Original Mix)
Chad Andrew - Ebony (Original Mix) 
Ambietic, Adam Touch - Nec Soluta (Original Mix)
Guy From Downstairs - Prom (Original Mix)
Usual Things Around - Kurt (Original Mix)
Adrian Bergmann - Black Warehouse (Original Mix) 
Melle-J - San Diego (Original Mix)
Yumane - Atlantis City (Medu Remix)
Medeew, Chicks Luv Us - Life Goes On (feat. Mesrod & Avner) (Original Mix)
Blagoj Rambabov - Drone Special (Herck Remix)
Stephan Hinz - When The Cheese Is Gone (East End Dubs Remix)
Sunju Hargun - Word Play (Original Mix) 
Bollen Fichtner - Tinnitus (Original Mix)
Duky - Thinking About You (Chris Lattner Remix)