SR004 | Federico Epis - Trust

Release Date: July 2007

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Reactions on that Release:

Roman Brisker
As usual you are doing great jop, keep it up.
The tune "Trust" grabed our attention, really nice one.
So keep up the good work!

Raul Blanco
Cool tracks, I will play the Dub Mix.

La Baaz
Thanks for the Release!
I like the Electro Mix!!

Onelia Palao
Thank you very much for sending them through!

Samy Fresh
Cool release guys...I prefere and support the Electro Mix of "You Know My Mind"!

Kenny Wee, Pure Substance mgmt.
Fede always deliver the finest underground prog.
Collabs wtih Ani definately take this release level higher.

Phil Caine
Thanx for the promo, I like it very deep nice!


Press Text:

Here comes the 4th release of Sirion Records.

It's that guy from Uruguay. That guy who's makin' big waves...
We're proud to present you Mr FEDERICO EPIS!
ANI is the singer, Federico has chosen to work with and in our opinion it is very well chosen.