SR016 | Samy Fresh - Arabesque

Release Date: September 2008

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Reactions on that Release:

Sweno has put some groove into it! Best mix!

Patric la Funk
Lovin Sweno's work. This remix is again really huge!

Dj Pearl
I hear it! I love it! I play it!

Luca Ricci
Sweno N Redub, this mix does it for me!

Micha Moor
Cooler deeper mix vom Sweno, fett für die späteren Stunden...thumbs up!

Nick Hogendoorn

I really love the Sweno N Redub, smooth flow and kept exactly the right amount of elements in there!

Christian E.F.F.E.
I'm into Sweno N Redub...really cool, will play out! 8/10

Gianluca Luisi

I really love the Sweno N Redub. It's so deeeeep.

Dan Welton

Supa cool package from the Sirion crew. My favorite goes defo to the Sweno N Redub.
Norman does a great job again with this one. Right to my box 8/10

Raul Blanco

I like Sweno techy and prog remix...powerful sound! Will play it!

David Phillips

Solid stuff here. All 3 tracks are fine slices to serve to the dancefloor! 8/10

Kenny Wee

Sweno N Redub rocks here!

Nils Nürnberg
Mal wieder ein Release in gewohnter Qualität.
Mein Favorit ist diesmal der 'Sweno N Redub'.

Alex Costa
I like the Sweno N Redub, solid sound!

Tarmo Vannas

I like the Sweno N Remix, will play this!

Cristian Paduraru

Yes, deep support for the inspiring house music! 10/10


What can I say about this Release?!
The Remix of Sweno&Redub is very crazy! I like it.

Amit Shoham
The Sweno N Redub is the one for me. Nice work!


Press Text: round...round SR016.
On the left corner you will find SAMY "the fighter" FRESH, with his weapons of choice. He has been sitting in the dark soggily cave and has sharpen his tunes to strike back! Welcome the owner of AugenringRecords and his grooving blade "Arabesque (Original Mix / Mainstream Mix)" to this battle.
On the right corner you will see NORMAN ZUBE a.k.a. SWENO N and his progressing interpretation of "Arabesque (Redub)".
A straight forward team that will move your feet. Sweno is well known for productions like "Sundown", "Fatpoly" and "Be OK! Remix", just to name a few.