SR030 | Kellerkind - Disco On The Dancefloor

Release Date: March 2012

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Reactions on that Release:


Really nice!

Axel Bartsch
A very talented producer shows his skills and proofs that he went from the basement to the 1st floor where the sun is shining.
Disco on the Dancefloor stands out.

Cosmic Cowboys
Amazing like always from Kellerkind, full support!

Mihai Popoviciu
Some nice tracks here!

Björn Störig
Triple Distilled!!!

Martin Eyerer
I defo like it!

Carlo Lio
Great work!

Noah Pred
Some quality tracks in here...

Daniel Steinberg
My fav is Disco on the Dancefloor.
Full support!

Thank you for good music!

Tim Green
Some really cool tracks in here. Will try them out.
It’s like is a nice groover.

DJ Sneak
Great tracks.

Soukie & Windish
Very Zeitgeistig indeed, but awesome stuff, perfect baselines, we like!

Plenty of goodies in here!

Funkyfresh tracks and soooooo Groovy!
Love it!

Few songs here stand out!

Good stuff..tnx!

Dirty Doering
Full support!
My favorite is Disco on the Dancefloor.

Simon Beeston
Very cool Animal Trainer remix. Thanks a lot.

Animal Trainer
Nach einmaligem durchhören sind Disco on the Dancefloor und der Channel X remix die favoriten!
Und der Triple Distilled Remix von den Animal Trainer Typen natürlich
auch :)

F.E.X. ? (Robotronic Paris)
All tracks are fresh with good vibe, perfect for my girlfriend car.

Will play few tracks, thx!


Crazy (
The originals are really good, much better than the remixes.

Great work...keep it up buddy!

Like the Channel X Remix!

Magazine - DE:BUG
Review to follow.

Magazine - (Ben)
Great remixes...especially Channel X.

Magazine - Tsugi Mag
Some nice stuff in it.

Radio - Altroverso (DJ Misk)
Playlist and support in altroverso radio.

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto
Nice release, highly enjoyable sounds.

Radio - Milos Fedor (Radio FM Bratislava)
Love original tracks.

Radio - The Freaks Radio Show (Greece)
Quality music, great production!

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.
Great stuff by Kellerkind!
Soon on my radio shows.
Full support!

Radio Fritz Nightflight / Andre Langenfeld
Muss ich sofort wegen dem Channel X Remix laden.
Den rest hör ich mir in ruhe an.

Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu
Gefällt mir, stelle ich vor.


Press Text:

Total dedication to and a constant focus on music, caring for and respectful of others. These are the attributes best to describe Kellerkinds type. Nothing could be more beautiful than to realize a project in total harmony.
It’s been a little over four years since Kellerkind released his first song to the public ear. Sirion Records gladly offered him the platform to do so then and achieved the project “Bergluft” together, which received massive credits worldwide. This was the kick-off to his music career and was followed by many releases on renowned labels such as Stil Vor Talent, Flash Rec. or Hive Audio. Nevertheless he remained active with Sirion Records as well through remixes for other projects or also with his own vinyl release “Altro Mondo”.
The possibility to tell an extended story is the appeal of making an album for Kellerkind. This is his chance to introduce tracks that aren’t mainly focused on being „dance floor“ music. He integrates this quite aptly and constructively into the album. The rather simple track titles represent moving moments in his musical development.
Starting off with a quite jazzy number he makes full circle back to his roots in disco on the dance floor. As the title of the main track says „Disco on the Dancefloor“ is ideally suited fort he dance floor with is groovy bass and poignant disco stabs, ready to thrill the masses. The rhythm and atmosphere of this song make summer approach just a little quicker.
Continuing with „It’s Like“ – a rather raw number, shaped by its driving bass line, which takes the buildup of the album further and with its compelling vocals manages to contrast from classic deep- tech house songs. Kellerkind cranks it up with „Triple Distilled“  - organs, trumpets, flutes and synchs. A truly musical piece, destined to make you dance. „It’s 2AM“ keeps that pace of movement. The catchy voices add that something special to the song. „Backflash“ is next – this track also appeared on Kellerkinds recently released EP on Stil Vor Talent. Mighty sounds, staged dramatically – a perfect transition to „Play it Loud“. Kellerkind relies entirely on melodic bass line at the center of this track and its strong sub bass to pull you in. The precisely placed, bizarre vocal cuts maintain the songs diversity and tension. This is one not to be missed on the dance floor. Concluding the Album shouldn’t get your heart pumping, but rather melting into deeper, quieter tracks in which the artist takes us. The final track, the perfect ending to the album, is an incredibly melancholic chord sequence added to a cozy beat. Truly a successful, exciting, well told story.
With their variations, the bonus tracks are an excellent addition to Kellerkinds signature style. None lesser than Channel X (Stil vor Talent), Animal Trainer (Stil vor Talent) and Jon Donson (Sirion Records) did the honors.

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